Update on Santa Rosa / Sonoma County Stormwater Permit

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Update on Santa Rosa / Sonoma County Stormwater Permit


Thank you for your interest in reviewing and commenting on the renewal of the Municipal Stormwater Permit. [NPDES Permit No. CA0025054].

Some of you whom have shown an interest in participating in this process have encountered problems with our electronic mailing list or have not yet been able to confirm the information sent in a previous email (this request for confirmation may have looked foreign as it did not originate from my email address).

In order to better serve those parties who have encountered problems, or who have not yet responded, we are now requesting that you visit the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board’s website:
http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/resources/email_subscriptions/reg1_subscribe.s html

Please enter your contact information in the spaces provided and place a checkmark in the box titled “MS4 NPDES Storm Water Permit – Santa Rosa, Sonoma County”. Finish by selecting the “subscribe” box at the upper right hand corner of the document. This will enable you to review the draft of the proposed permit when it’s released for public comment and to receive updates regarding future developments.

Shortly after subscribing to this list, interested parties will receive a confirmation. YOU MUST RESPOND TO THIS REQUEST FOR CONFIRMATION. Failure to respond will cause your parties name to be dismissed from the list.

Recall that this permit, when approved, will be in place for the next five years. We value your input and look forward to your comments and participation in this endeavor.

Should you encounter any difficulties, or have any other questions regarding this contact list, please do not hesitate to contact me at blegge@waterboards.ca.gov.

For those of you desiring more technical information regarding the permit itself, please contact Mona Dougherty at (707) 570-3761 or mdougherty@waterboards.ca.gov.

Thank you for taking an interest in water quality and the beneficial uses of the waters of the State.

Best Regards,

Bob Legge
Environmental Scientist Intern
North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board
Santa Rosa, CA
(707) 576-6732