4th Annual California Water Symposium

4th Annual California Water Symposium

Saturday, 10 May, 8:45 a.m.- 2 p.m., Wurster Hall Auditorium,
UC Berkeley; Berkeley, California

This symposium presents results from graduate student research in hydrology applied to environmental restoration and conservation in California. It includes a panel discussion by experienced professionals who comment on the student research papers and the broader themes raised by their results.

The symposium begins with a talk by a well known authority on water issues, this year B.J. Miller presents Science and Activism:

Fish Protection in the Bay-Delta of California

Symposium Schedule

8:45 a.m. Welcome and Keynote:

Science and Activism: Fish Protection in the Bay-Delta of California
B.J. Miller

9:30 a.m. Graduate Student Research Presentations:

Impacts of Urbanization on Peak Flow Using Remote Sensing
John Dingman

A Watershed Approach to Urban River Restoration: A Conceptual
Restoration Plan for Sausal Creek
Teresa Ippolito, Kristen Podolak, Katie Jagt, Tiago Teixeira, Eike

Unpaving the Way to Creek Restoration: EU Water Framework Directive
in a US Urban Watershed
Hong Li and Jane Wardani

A Decade of Changes in the Wildcat Creek Flood Control Channel,
North Richmond
Ben Ginsberg

Comparing Perspectives on Dam Removal: York Creek Dam and the Water
Framework Directive
Justin Lawrence, Josh Pollak and Sarah Richmond

11 a.m. Coffee Break

River Restoration for a Socially and Ecologically Devastated Border
Noah Friedman

Land Cover and Channel Form Change Detection in the Okavango River
Yu Ting Huang

Mercury and methylmercury in the San Francisco Bay area: land use
and indicators
Hyojin Kim

Accountability in Emerging Forms of Governance: A Comparison of the California Bay Delta Process and the Water Framework Directive Noelle Cole, Tamar Cooper, Sarah Bickel Di Vittorio, Nuno Oliveira

When the levees break: Relief cuts and flood management in the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta
Lindsey Fransen, Jessica Ludy, and Mary Matella

12:45 p.m. Panel Discussion: Lauren Hammack (Prunuske Chatahm),
Sarah Minick (San Francisco PUC), B.J. Miller

The symposium is free and open to the public, but to insure there will be a program and coffee for you, please RSVP to kpodolak@berkeley.edu.

Program and abstracts will be posted at

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Please contact UC Berkeley or the individual authors if you would like this information, or attend the symposium and speak to them directly there at UC Berkeley this coming Saturday, May 10th.

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