SalmonAid Event in Oakland Sat-Sun, May 31-Jun 1


Welcome to SalmonAid!

Find out all you ever wanted to know about Pacific salmon, but were afraid to ask, including:

What’s behind the salmon declines across our coast?

Why you should eat wild salmon to save them?

What awesome music will you hear at the SalmonAID Festival?

How can you help?

Join us for the SalmonAid Festival to celebrate wild salmon and steelhead with a free, family-friendly, music festival in Oakland’s famed Jack London Square

Saturday May 31, 2008 – noon-7pm and Sunday June 1, 2008 – Sunday 11am-7pm.

Organized by the largest ever coalition of West Coast salmon advocates (including commercial, recreational and tribal fishermen, conservation organizations, chefs, restaurants, scientists, and many others), SalmonAid will raise awareness of the plight of west coast salmon populations, the rivers and streams they spawn in, and the many coastal and inland communities that rely on salmon for their livelihoods and survival. The festival will feature educational booths, activities and foods highlighting the natural history of salmon, as well as the history, culture and traditions of salmon towns and the peoples connected through our west coast salmon heritage – from Morro Bay, California to Bellingham, Washington, and inland to Idaho and Nevada.

By uniting commercial, tribal, and sportfishing interests with conservation organizations, chefs and restaurant owners, and the American consumer to celebrate and restore our wild salmon and healthy, free-flowing rivers, SalmonAid will inform the public about the historic, cultural, economic, dietary, and environmental benefits of healthy wild salmon populations and the threats to their continued existence. SalmonAid celebrates wild Pacific salmon as a valuable cultural resource for all Americans, an important economic resource for west Coast fishing communities, an exciting recreational fishing experience, a nutritious food source, and a vital ecological link between our freshwater and marine ecosystems. In addition, SalmonAid will raise funds to support education and habitat restoration efforts directed at re-establishing abundant wild, native Pacific salmon populations in Pacific coast watersheds.