Notice of Preparation

NBWRA North Bay Water Recycling Program (formerly the North San Pablo Restoration and Reuse Project) Scoping Documents (23 pages with maps)

Project Objectives The Authority wishes to implement “A cooperative program in the San Pablo Bay region that supports sustainability and environmental enhancement by expanding the use of recycled water.” The following project objectives have been developed by the Authority for the North San Pablo Bay Restoration and Reuse Project. The project is proposed to promote the expanded beneficial use of recycled water in the North Bay region to:

  • Offset urban and agricultural demands on potable supplies;
  • Enhance local and regional ecosystems;
  • Improve local and regional water supply reliability;
  • Maintain and protect public health and safety;
  • Promote sustainable practices;
  • Give top priority to local needs for recycled water; and
  • Implement recycled water facilities in an economically viable manner.

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