Letter to State Water Board on Recycling Water Policy

River Friends;

Here is a letter (attached)  I just sent to the State and Regional Boards
about the State Recycling Policy.  I have not included the photos I sent or
the final Laguna Foundation Report on the Ludwigia Project (from last year)
in this email.  Please let me know if you want to see these and I’ll pass
them on separately.  (I don’t know how to condense them, and I didn’t want
to cause computer problems.)

I have also included a recent letter by Linda Sheehan on the State General
Permit for Recycling.  She really lays out the issues in a much clearer and
better way than I could have done, and I urge you all to read her comments.
Please forgive any duplications and feel free to pass this information on.

This is a critically important issue.  Regional Board staff have expressed
significant concerns about this.  Please let me know if you received it okay
and whether you have any questions or comments.  The State Board has not yet
developed language on “incidental runoff”, the sticking point of this whole
recycling policy and the thing I’m most concerned about.  Please consider
the importance of this item.

Hope you are having a good holiday weekend.


Tam Doduc, Chair and Members
State Water Resources Control Board

Email:  commentletters@waterboards.ca.gov

Dear Chair Doduc and Board Members:

We understand that you will be taking information from stakeholder groups at
your meeting next Tuesday, Sept. 2nd.  We will not be able to attend but
would like to provide our perspective on this issue. We also wish to support
the comments made by Linda Sheehan.  We realize that we may be too late to
have our letter considered for the meeting, but since this is an on-going
process, we would like our letter entered into the record and considered
during future deliberations.  Please advise us as to the status of this
communication and whether we need to resubmit this information at a later

We attach our letter,  the final Ludwigia Report, a few newspaper articles
on irrigation, and 8 pictures on Ludwigia and over-irrigation.  Because of
the number of attachments, WE WILL SEND TWO EMAILS WITH DIFFERENT
ATTACHMENTS IN EACH, to make sure they go through.  Please let us know if
you have received them okay or whether we need to resend in a different

Thank you for your consideration.  We look forward to your response.


Brenda Adelman