Creek Signage by Santa Cruz County

Hey Watershed folks,

I thought that many would find it of pleasing interest to know that Santa Cruz County has recently completed a county wide watershed & creek signage program!
See Santa Cruz Sentinel article below.

WATER Institute provided inspiration and consultation support for Santa Cruz RCD staffer Angie Stuart, a Basins of Relations Training alumni, over the past few years to move this project forward. Bravo to Angie Stuart & the SCRCD in partnership with the Santa Cruz County Supervisors for making this happen!

The Southern Sonoma RCD publication Creek Signs: Guide to Developing a Local Watershed and Creek Signage Program was a key resource document.
This publication is available for download as a pdf on the WATER Institute’s website at:

Based on our Sonoma County Watershed & Creek Signage pilot project the Coastal Conservancy also provided primary financial support for this project.
For those interested in replicating this program in other coastal counties, it would be worth your while to inquire with your local Coastal Conservancy staff person about their interest?

Ok – so now only 56 California counties to go….!

In a Watershed Sign-Age I entrust,

Brock Dolman

Brock Dolman