Biological Opinion on Russian River Meeting Oct. 1


The notice of pubic policy facilitating committee meeting for the Russian River Section 7 consultation will meet to “discuss, disseminate information and take public comment on the implementation of Section 7 of the federal Endangered Species Act as called for in a Memorandum of Understanding with the US ACE, National Marine Fisheries Service and the SCWA”.

Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008
4:30 to 6:00 pm
Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, Carston Cabaret
50 Mark West Springs Road
Santa Rosa, CA.


Call to Order

Section 7 Update and Overview

Review of Biological Opinion

Overview of Process, projects
– in stream flow changes
– NEPA/CEQA process
– Dry Creek Interim Projects
– Estuary Adaptive Management

Public Outreach & Information
– Stakeholder Assessment
– SCWA outreach

Future of he Pubic Policy Facilitating Committee

Public Comment

This is going to be very interesting – and telling for our future.  Be sure to spread the word to others you know should be there.

Have a great weekend,
RueBiolocical Opinion