Important Dates Related to Russian River

Hi everyone!

I have one update, one correction, and one clarification to make to this list (below).

1. Santa Rosa Storage Oct. 16th meeting will take place in City Council Chambers at 5 PM. (update regarding time)

2. The Community Meeting in Guerneville on the Biological Opinion is on Thursday, Nov. 6th (NOT Nov. 13th)……(correction)

3. The meeting on Nov. 5th at Villa Chanticleer is of course in Healdsburg (clarification)

Please note these in your calendars.


Hi everyone:
We not only have the election to track, but there’s a number of important water/wastewater meetings and deadlines coming up.  I thought it might be helpful if I list them.  This list is not necessarily complete.  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THIS LIST AND RECIRCULATE.


SANTA ROSA WASTEWATER BPU:  RIVER DISCHARGE:  (3 meetings) Study session on project selection for river discharge:  Nov. 6, 2008

1: 30 PM City Council Chambers 100 SR Ave.

Study Session on project selection for river discharge;  joint meeting with City Council to review study session results:  Nov. 18, 2008 in City Council Chambers (not sure of time/call city to check)

Project Selection/Approval:  Dec. 4, 2008 1:30 PM City Council Chambers *** This is VERY important meeting to decide river discharge option.  We hope a lot of people will plan to be there.

BPU considers EIR certification for Storage options on Oct. 16, 2008.  They will then put this on the shelf and not do any project selection until some indefinite time in the future

BIOLOGICAL OPINION:  4 COMMUNITY MEETINGS Wed. Nov. 5th:  Dry Creek Habitat Restoration:  Villa Chanticleer:  1248 N. Fitch Mt. Rd.  Open house 6:30 PM/ presentations start at 7 PM.

Thursday, Nov. 6th:  Flow Changes Guerneville Vets Hall, 1st and Church St.  Open house 6;30 PM/ presentations at 7 PM

Thursday, Nov. 13:  Flow changes Ukiah BOS Chambers 501 Low Gap Rd. (same times as above

Wednesday, Nov. 19th: Estuary adaptive management Jenner Community Hall 10432 Hwy. 1 (Park across from gas station and walk behind gas station and across foot bridge)  same time as others

NORTH COAST REGIONAL BOARD Oct. 21, 2008 Public Workshop 10 AM to 12 noon at 5550 Skylane Blvd. in SR.  They are seeking environmental information to be considered in Basin Plan Amendment on Dissolved Oxygen (Scoping document available on their website at  Contact:  Alydda Mangelsdorf (707) 576-6735

Also:  comments are due on stormwater permit for County and Santa Rosa by Oct. 22, 2008.  Document can be found on their website.  (Contact 576-2220 and ask for staff person on this item for more information

EEL-RUSSIAN RIVER COMMISSION Oct. 22, 2008 1:30 PM Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Chambers 575 Administration Dr.  SR Main agenda item:  Proposed Eel/Russian River Trans-Basin Diversion Settlement (Anyone know what this is about?)  There is nothing on the agenda referring to the Biological Opinion

SONOMA COUNTY WATER COALTION Oct. 22, 2008 7 PM Sebastopol Vets Building Presentation on Dorothy Green’s book:  “Managing Water:  Avoiding Crisis in California”  Panel discussion after words on issues around irrigating with recycled water

LAGUNA FOUNDATION October 30, 2008:  Stakeholders Council 9 AM to 12 PM Santa Rosa’s Laguna Treatment Plant

WAC/TAC (Water Contractors regular meeting) Nov. 3, 2008 Combined WAC/TAC meeting 9 AM Laguna Treatment Plant