RRWP Files Appeal Over SR’s Wastewater Site

Hi everyone:

I would like to announce that yesterday Russian River Watershed Protection
Committee filed an appeal with the City of Santa Rosa to have the City
Council hear our concerns about the BPU’s Certification of the FEIR on the
Discharge Compliance Project.  We don’t know when this will be scheduled,
but will let people know as soon as  we find out.  Our group has never filed
such a challenge before and as far as I know, no one else ever has either.

We are asking the City Council to  recirculate the FEIR in order to address
late changes to the document that did not provide an opportunity  for
citizen comment and consultant response.  (See letter for details.)

We don’t know how this appeal will affect the scheduling of the project
selection hearing by the BPU on Dec. 4th.  In general, we are not sure how
this will affect the overall fast track schedule the City had established.

Attached to this email is the letter we submitted to the BPU two days before
their Oct. 2nd meeting, at which they certified the FEIR.  Also attached is
the letter we submitted that explains the basis for our appeal.  They
charged us $391 to file the appeal.

You are welcome to pass this on to anyone else who might be interested.  I
am also open to answering questions about this action. Feel free to contact

Have a great weekend.


PS:  I am sending this to several lists, so please forgive dupli