Russian River’s Biological Opinion Info and Meetings

Add to your long term calendar for preparations and participation:

Attached is the Powerpoint presentation from SCWA staff made to the contractors’ Tech. Advisory Committee on Monday 10/5.


Please note particularly (@ page 7) the schedule mandated within the B.O. itself for reopening D.1610 and certification of FEIR/FEIS

The B.O. is issued on Sept. 24, 2008.

Biological Opinion Requirements

Permanent Changes
– 2009 File Petition to Change Decision 1610 within 1 Year of Issuance of Biological Opinion
– 2009-2010 Issue NOP/NOI within 6 Months of SWRCB Issuing Public Notice of Petition to Change

Decision 1610
– 2013 SCWA Board of Directors to Certify FEIR/FEIS within 4 Years of Filing Petition to Change Decision 1610

Interim Changes
– 2009-2010 CEQA Document, Petition for Interim Change to Decision 1610
– 2010 Begin Interim Change until Permanent Changes Approved



Attached is a pdf version of the NEPA/CEQA presentation given at the October 1, 2008, Public Policy Facilitating Committee meeting.


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