Rocket Fuel in Our Drinking Water

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Safe drinking water is a basic need for all Californians. Despite this, polluters have leaked the top chemical in rocket fuel (perchlorate) into the drinking water supplies of more than sixteen million Californians.

Now big polluters are trying to convince Governor Schwarzenegger to ignore the danger that rocket fuel contamination poses to newborn babies and pregnant women and let them off the hook for cleanup.

Let the Governor know that you want him to protect the health of all Californians from drinking water contamination. Then ask your friends and family to help.

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Perchlorate is a component of rocket fuel that contaminates water supplies for approximately 20 million people in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico.

Tiny amounts of perchlorate, the equivalent of a few drops in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, can result in serious health problems. At greatest risk are pregnant women. According to studies released by the Centers for Disease Control and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, perchlorate can interfere with essential body hormones and brain development in the womb and in some cases lead to attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities in young children.

To date, perchlorate has polluted more than 400 drinking water wells in California. The Kerr-McGee perchlorate factory in Henderson, Nevada has also leaked over a million pounds of the toxin into Southern California’s Colorado River water supplies. In addition, contamination also plagues dozens of communities, including the cities of Rialto, Colton, Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, Redlands, Santa Clarita, Sacramento County, Simi Valley, Beaumont, and San Martin.

Despite the threat that perchlorate contamination, polluters are urging Governor Schwarzenegger to let them off the hook. In memos to the media, meetings with decision-makers and on web sites, polluters are urging decision-makers to ignore the health effects of perchlorate on pregnant women and young infants and set a final drinking water standard for perchlorate that does not protect them. They’ve even hired the same public relations firm that worked for Phillip Morris to downplay the health dangers of second hand smoke.

Please take a moment to email urging Governor Schwarzenegger to set a final standard for perchlorate in drinking water that protects all Californians, including pregnant women and newborn infants.

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Dan Jacobson
Environment California Legislative Director