Free Online Reference for Non-point Source Pollution

The NPS Encyclopedia is a free on line reference guide designed
to facilitate a basic understanding of nonpoint source (NPS) pollution
control and to provide quick access to essential information from a
variety of sources by providing direct hyperlinks to resources
available on the World Wide Web (www.). References pertaining to
hyperlinks can be accessed by selecting (clicking) on the blue underlined
font. The purpose of this on line resource guide is to support the
implementation and development of NPS total maximum daily loads
(TMDLs) and watershed (action) plans with a goal of protecting high
quality waters and restoring impaired waters. Please visit the NPS
Encyclopedia at its new location,

To ensure that the NPS Encyclopedia includes the most pertinent and
current information available, it will be updated annually. Comments and
suggestions for the addition of new material are accepted on a continual
basis. Please contribute; forward any questions, comments, or suggestions
to Molly Munz at or (916) 341-5485.