2008 Impaired List Due Out Feb. 2

Hi Alan,
Actually, the new Draft 2008 List is not available yet.  It will be available on or before February 2, 2009.  The notice went out today in order to give 30-days notice on the workshops in mid-February, and it made sense to include all the other dates for this project at the same time.
When the 2008 Integrated Report is available, there will definitely be a summary list posted of the new listing and delisting recommendations.  
Sorry for getting your hopes up with a notice but no document.
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I went to the website Link and found the 2006 impaired list there. I do not see a link to the 2008 report at the SWRCB website. When will the proposed changes be out?

Could a “List of Proposed Changes” be made available. It is hard to know what is new and what is old.