Regarding the True Costs of Cleanup


You are so right on target.  I observed the effects of what you describe in the last flood as I watched water from vineyard agricultural operations drain off of tile drained bare land and flood Green Valley Road rather than be allowed to soak in and recharge the ground water at the top of the watershed. The same vineyard operation will use the limited ground water that feeds Green Valley Creek and the Atascadero to irrigate those vines in the summer. Throwing away water during a time of abundance and over consuming it during times of scarcity amounts to a taking followed by a taking.  Common sense tells us that vineyards must not be allowed to point source drain their cultivated land during wet weather. This may be beneficial to the vines but it is very damaging to the watershed.

Bob Rawson

Imagine if they also calculated the value/cost/price of the excess volume of water quantity lost from AG operations that have increased the runoff from the pre-development condition – all of which exacerbates flooding impacts and reduces  groundwater recharge and thus the security of all local water supplies?

Imagine if the appropriate application of agrarian upland infiltration based Low Impact Development stormwater management BMP’s – which emphasize Slowing, Spreading and Sinking of Surface flows with dual goals of enhancing water quality and quantity – were ubiquitously implemented?

Yer local Hydro-Chondriac,