Follow-up on Suction Dredging on the Klamath River

Here is a follow-up on Suction Dredging on the Klamath:

Send a message to Senator Pat Wiggins to Limit Suction Dredge Mining

Suction dredge mining sediment plumeEvery summer, recreational suction dredge miners descend upon the Klamath and its tributaries in search of gold. Their gas-powered dredges disturb the river bottom, damage critical spawning habitat for salmon and other fish, release large plumes of sediment into the water, and are the source of fuel and oil spills directly into the river.

California spends over $2.5 million each year–or about $1000 per dredge miner–on suction dredge mining related work. Meanwhile, the state government is suffering from budget cuts and struggling to fund fisheries restoration work. Commercial fishermen, sport fishermen, Native America tribes, and others are being asked to make sacrifices to aid in fisheries recovery while miners are receiving government aid to damage these same fisheries during a fiscal crisis!

Use the form letter below to call, write or email State Senator Pat Wiggins and support her in re-introducing leglislation to limit suction dredge mining:

Senator Pat Wiggins
710 E Street, #150
Eureka, CA 95501
Phone: (707) 445-6508 Fax: (707) 445-6511
Senator.Wiggins (at)

Dear Senator Wiggins,

Thank you for your strong support of salmon on the Klamath and on the North Coast, and your willingness to speak out in favor of limiting suction dredge mining.

I too believe that a strong, salmon-based economy on the Klamath is worth taking a stand for, and I encourage you to follow up on making sure CDFG places the burden of rebuilding fisheries fairly upon all users by re-introducing a measure that would put a temporary halt on suction dredge mining until CDFG completes its court-ordered mandate to fix long-term regulations.

Tribal communities, coastal fishing towns, recreational businesses, and others are depending on salmon recovery on the Klamath. We thank you for standing with us as we fight for restoration of this great river.


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