On Septics and New WQ Regulations

Septic and sewer pricing:

Septic systems can cost from $6,000/$8,000 on the low end to $30,000 to
$50,000 on the high end. Depends on soils, elevations (and now on stream
proximity). Then about every 10 years you need to pump it out for a fee
of approx $400

Sewer fees, based on numerous rate payers, vary from $30 to $50 (or more)
per month depending on water useage (usually). Hook up fees can be from
$8,000 to $12,000 or more. They can be rated by expected volume (USDs)
number of bedrooms, type of business, number of toilets, washers, ctc..

Property tax assessment districts can be formed to cover treatment plant
construction. Expensive systems can coast each household significant

So there are lots of variables.

Wastewater treatment seems more efficient and cheaper. But, it all depends
on the situation and location. Units far from a hookup do not want to pay
for lots of pipe laying.

I have little empathy for those who are willing to justify continued
pollution from faulty systems – because they have always done it that way.

I would?be interested if you get some numbers from the well and septic
Thank you.

Does anyone know of a cost comparison of the price of potable water
for a customer of a public utilities vs someone who draws water from
his own well, incl. the cost of taking care of the waste water,
either via a waste water plant or a septic tank, resp.?