Comments Due Feb. 26 on EPA Effluent Limits

Comments Due Now on EPA’s Proposed Construction and Development Effluent Limitations Guidelines (ELG)

Public Comment Period Ends February 26th! 
This is an important reminder for all CWN Members that you have the opportunity to influence on ongoing rulemaking at EPA that is central to the regulation of stormwater from construction and development.    

EPA’s proposed technology based standard for construction site runoff is now open to public comment, and it is important that EPA hears from you about two things in particular (1) the importance of an objective, performance based standard; and (2)  the importance of controlling post-construction stormwater as well as construction site runoff.  The proposal can be found at 

An excellent fact sheet on the proposal from Waterkeeper Alliance is available through the following link:

If you have questions on this topic please contact NRDC’s lead on this, Melanie Shepherdson, who can be reached at  202-289-2393.     

Thanks very much,
Natalie U. Roy
Clean Water Network