6th Annual Water Conservation Showcase

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6th Annual Water Conservation Showcase

Tuesday, March 24, 2009, 10:00 am to 6:30 pm      
Keynote presentation at 6:00 pm 
at the Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard Street, San Francisco,CA      

The Water Conservation Showcase is a free event. We will not be pre-registering attendees for the Showcase this year. You can expedite your entry by arriving with your business card in hand. People without a business card will be asked to sign in upon arrival.    

Join us for our 6th Annual Water Conservation Showcase. Many experts believe that water will surpass energy as the most notorious and coveted resource in California. Unpredictable levels of precipitation and other source issues, climate change, population growth, and risks to the infrastructure are some of the water-related concerns facing the state today. This year’s showcase will address many of these issues through presentations and table-top displays. Information on water-conserving strategies, the energy and water relationship, policy updates, technological developments, and case studies will also be included. The following is a list of presentations scheduled for this year’s showcase:

10:30 AM
Conference Room
“Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Conservation Programs”
Timothy J. Schaadt – Metropolitan Water District of SouthernCalifornia

10:30 AM
Green Room
“Water Non-Profit Update: Activities, Resources and Ways to Become Involved”       
Peter Estournes- California Landscape Contractors Association,
Lori Pottinger – International Rivers,
Sabrina Walasek – Blue Planet Run Foundation,
Chris Brown – California Urban Water Conservation Council,
and Jon Bauer – The Greywater Alliance

12:00 PM
Conference Room
“The CPUC Embedded Energy in Water Pilot and Studies”
Mikhail Haramati – California Public Utilities Commission

12:00 PM
Green Room
“Saving 20,000 Gallons:  Case Studies in Water Conservation”
Justin Dunning – The California Green Builder program

1:30 PM
Conference Room
“California Agriculture, Water and You”
Blaine Hanson – University of California at Davis

1:30 PM
Green Room
“Rainwater Harvesting – A Local Water Management Strategy”
Sarah Minick – San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and John Russell – WaterSprout

3:00 PM
Conference Room
“Creating Drought Resistant Soils – the Bay-Friendly Way”
Sarah Sutton – Design, Community & Environment and Geoff Hall – Sentient Landscape

3:00 PM
Green Room
“The Growing Global Importance of Recycled Water”

Lori Steere – East Bay Municipal Utility District

4:30 PM
Conference Room
“The Drought and What We Can Do About It”
Rick Soehren – California Department of Water Resources

4:30 PM
Green Room
“Sustainable Hot Water: Better Design, Delivery, and Use”
Don Fisher and Amin Delagah – PG&E Food Service Technology Center

6:00 PM
Conference Room
“Innovative Water Projects, Policy and Practice”
Kirstin Weeks – ARUP, Deepti Chatti – Carollo Engineers and Tom Sweet – URS Corporation.

More information on the schedule for this year’s presentations is located here:

We are pleased to acknowledge the following water districts that are sponsoring this year’s event:

Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency
The City of Redwood City      
City of Napa Water Division     
City of Vallejo 
Contra Costa Water District     
East Bay Municipal Water District       
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission       
Solano County Water Agencies    
Sonoma County Water Agency      
Zone 7 Water Agency

The Showcase will also have exhibitors featuring the latest cutting edge products, systems, and services available to help Californians conserve and wisely manage water use. This year’s exhibitors include:

ACT Inc. Metlund Systems        
Alsons Corporation      
American Leak Detection 
Blue Planet Run Foundation      
California Dept of Water Resources      
California Landscape Contractors Association    
California Urban Water Conservation Council     
California Water Service Company        
Central Coast Wilds     
Essential Products      
ET Water        
Fisher & Paykel Appliances      
Green World Solutions, Inc.     
Greywater Alliance      
Home Depot, Inc.        
Hunter Industries       
Irrometer Company, Inc. 
LeakBird Industries LLC 
LifeSource Water Systems, Inc   
MaxRay Irrigation Products      
Mega Western Sales      
PG&E Food Service Technology Center     
Rainwater HOG, LLC      
Robert A. Bothman, Inc. 
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission       
Southwest Environmental, Inc.   
StopWaste.Org- Bay Friendly     
The Urban Farmer Store  
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – WaterSense Program       
USGBC – Northern California Chapter     
Waterless Company, LLC  
Waterwise Consulting    
Xerxes Corporation      
Zurn Engineered Water Solutions 

The organizational committee for the 2009 Water Conservation Showcase would like to acknowledge these organizations for their effort supporting the event this year:

ADPSR – Northern California Chapter 
AIA East Bay
AIA San Francisco   
Alameda County Waste Management Authority – Stop waste.ORG      
Alliance for Water Efficiency   
BOMA Silicon Valley     
California Urban Water Conservation Council     
City of San José -Environmental Services Department     
Department of Environment, City and County of San Francisco     
Local Government Commission     
Tuolumne River Trust    
U.C. Berkeley Center for the Built Environment  
Urban Permaculture Guild        
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency    
Water Resources Center Archives, UC Berkeley    

The Water Showcase is being organized through the combined efforts of the Northern California Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, East Bay Municipal Utility District, and The Pacific Energy Center.   

We will not be pre-registering attendees for the Water Showcase this year. You can expedite your entry to the event by arriving with your business card in hand. More information about the event can be found here: http://www.pge.com/pec/water

Ryan Stroupe       
Building Performance Program Coordinator        
Pacific Energy Center
851 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103