Clean Water Act Action

Dear Clean Water Network Members and Others,


ACT NOW to schedule meetings with your Senators and Representatives for the in-district work period of April 6-17 to talk with them about restoring the Clean Water Act. Setting up a meeting takes advance time, so it is best to get a request in as soon as possible.  Whether your members of Congress have supported the bill in the past or not, we need to impress upon all of them the urgency of addressing the issue this year!   

To find out district office contact information click on or and follow the prompts.  You can also call the Capitol Hill switchboard at 202-224-3121 to be connected to your Senators’ or Representative’s DC office. 

Please refer to these resources available on CWN’s website: 

To help get you started:
1. A phone script you can use when calling your local district office
2. Clean Water Restoration Act talking points 
3. Clean Water Restoration Act state specific facts
4. Sample OpEd and LTE


Download these resources here: 
The following factsheets should be used to educate Representatives and Senators on the importance of passing the Clean Water Restoration Act.  Please print out these materials and give them to your members of Congress: 

1. A general factsheet on the need to pass the Clean Water Restoration Act
2. A list of more than 500 organizations that support the Clean Water Restoration Act
3. A factsheet on drinking water sources potentially at risk of losing Clean Water Act protections
4.  A factsheet describing clean water enforcement cases that were dropped due to agency confusion


Factsheets can be downloaded here:

Thanks for everything you do to protect our nation’s waters!

Natalie Roy

Clean Water Network