Regarding Frost Protection and Fish Kill

Hi All–

This underlines the statements Alan and others have been making to the State Water Board on how the State’s process has been killing fish at the species scale.


Grape-friendly fisheries management strikes again:  this is another example of mismanaging the Russian River and destroying fish, and using the Eel River and L. Mendocino to mask the damages.

If there isn’t the legally and dependably sustainable available water supplies throughout the four seasons to provide for grape growing’s full growing cycle (including frost protection), then these crops are not legally sustainable, and should not be grown.  If flood irrigation of fields isn’t feasible for a host of crops, why should growing grapes that depend on illegal and  harmful impacts from frost protection water needs be allowed? Who’s minding the water budget?

SWRCB Frost Protection Workshop, Tuesday, 4/11, 11am., Sacramento. Notice attached.
NOAA warning letter, attached.

David Keller
Bay Area Director, Friends of the Eel River