Discussion on Proposed Reduction of Flows to Russian River

Just to clarify – yes, there is substantial Eel River water in the Russian River flows at the Wohler pumps/Raney collectors.

SCWA continues to equivocate and obfuscate the reality that they have made themselves dependent on Eel River transfers to keep the Russian River flowing at D.1610 minimum flows – and of course, remarkably, a good number of those water molecules make it all the way into our taps.

Take a look at FOER’s comments on the WSTRP DEIR for more details on this.  If you’ve lost the original forwards of that letter, please let me know and I’ll resend it to you.

Thanks, David

Brenda (et al):

I did not say it was true. I said it is what SCWA claims to be true. What SCWA claims and what actually is can be two different things.


If that’s true, then why are the contractors freaked out by the “25% cut” of diversions into Lake Mendocino?


If you had read my previous message(s) on the use of Russian River water by SCWA you would note that SCWA says they get no water (at all) from Potter Valley and Eel River diversions.

They claim it is all used up before it gets to their diversion pumps by legal and illegal users along the way.

The water SCWA claims it is diverting is entirely from the Lake Sonoma/Dry Creek releases.

Of course there is no solid evidence for findings on either case. They use modeling and thus claim the model accounts for all diversion along the way.
Water friends;

According to a graph recently released by SCWA the releases from PVP for the last few years has been as follows:

2004-05:  140,000 AFY 2005-06:  108,000 AFY 2006-07:  82,000 AFY 2007-08:  70,000 AFY 2008-09:  continued downward trend:  a little lower than 07-08

Prior to 2004, the customary diversions was about 140,000 AFY