Film: End of the Line

To All,

“The inconvenient truth about
the impact of overfishing on the world’s oceans”

— The Economist

Fresh from its World Premiere at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival,
THE END OF THE LINE is the first major documentary about the imminent peril facing the world’s oceans.

Narrated by Ted Danson and based on the book by Charles Clover,
THE END OF THE LINE explores the devastating effect that overfishing is having on fish stocks and the health of our oceans. Scientists predict that if we continue fishing at the current rate, the planet will completely run out of fish by 2048.

THE END OF THE LINE will be released theatrically beginning June 19th in 12 to 15 cities, and will be supported by numerous word-of-mouth screenings on June 8, 2009 — World Ocean Day.

Endorsed by and with major marketing support from National Geographic, Greenpeace, and the Natural Resources Defense Fund (NRDC), THE END OF THE LINE is the definitive film of 2009 for those who care about the environment, the safety of our food supply, and the preservation of endangered species.

More than just a doomsday warning, THE END OF THE LINE offers real, practical solutions that are simple and doable, including advocating for controlled fishing of engendered species, protecting networks of marine reserves off-limits to fishing, and educating consumers that they have a choice by purchasing fish from sustainable fisheries. 

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We are asking for your support!

We have created an extensive MEDIA RESOURCE PAGE in the hopes that organizations like yours can partner with us to bring this film to audiences across the nation and empower them to save our oceans. We are looking for organizations to participate in the following ways:

  • Promote The Film’s Opening Through Your Membership Email Lists
    We have a wide variety of materials that can easily be emailed to inform your members of this global ecological issue and promote the film’s opening in your city.
  • Disseminate Promotional Materials
    We have fabulous film stickers and posters, and we are asking our partners to distribute internally and at any key areas and locations that serve their members. Can you help us find activists to distribute our STICKERS? Some stipends for enthusiastic activists are available. Please be in touch quickly so we can allocate those stipends appropriately!
  • HOST a “Word-of-Mouth Screening” on June 8th
    We are currently organizing local screenings, and seeking partners to promote the film to ‘tastemakers’ who can spread the word and mobilize audiences for our theatrical opening. Please visit ourscreenings page for more information on where the film is currently scheduled to play.


We hope you will join us in working to protect our oceans and our future.

Please visit our MEDIA RESOURCE PAGE, where you can learn more about the film, find tools to put a listing about the film on your website, create a dedicated email blast, or request promotional materials and DVD screeners of THE END OF THE LINE.

Still have questions? Please contact Matt or David.

Matt Johnstone, New American Vision, TEL: (213) 481-8078

David Averbach, New American Vision, TEL: (415) 255-7951

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