Russian River Low Flows Meeting in Guerneville

Hi Brenda:

Below is the agenda and list of speakers.  For publicity, we are running
a public notice in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, West County Gazette,
and Sonoma West.  We have also included the meeting date in our most
recent press release and have it posted on our Web site. I believe Vesta
has also sent the notice out to her e-mail list.  I was also planning on
posting some notices in local businesses around the River this week.
What else can you think of?

For handouts, we will have a copy of the final order, instream flow map
of the Russian River, Russian River water supply system…  

Public Notice:
Russian River Community Meeting

What Does the State Water Board Order Mean for the Russian River?  

Date:  Thursday, May 28, 2009
Time:  6:30p.m. – 8:30p.m.
Location:  Guerneville Veterans Memorial Building, First and Church
Streets, Guerneville, CA

About this community meeting:  
*    SCWA Director and Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo will
host this meeting to discuss the State Water Resources Control Board
Order authorizing reduced flows in the Russian River this summer and
*    In March, SCWA staff held a similar meeting to discuss the
potential of a State Order.  
*    Now that the State Order has been authorized, SCWA staff will
provide an overview and address what it means for the Russian River.  
*    A panel of speakers will discuss the State Order, including
community leaders.
*    Your participation is welcome.  We look forward to an open

For more information, please contact Brad Sherwood, public information
officer, at 707-547-1927 or  

Speaker’s Panel:

 SCWA Director and Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo

About the State Water Board Order:    
Grant Davis, SCWA assistant general manager (Overview)
Pam Jeane, SCWA deputy chief engineer of operations (Implementing flows)
David Manning, SCWA principal environmental specialist (Fisheries)

Water Advisory Committee:
Jake Mackenzie, Chair and Rohnert Park City Councilmember

Sweetwater Springs Water District: 
Steve Mack, general manager

Russian River Watershed Protection Committee
Brenda Adelman, chair

Russian River Chamber of Commerce:
Margaret Kennett, president

Russian Riverkeeper
Don McEnhill, program director

Thank you,
Brad Sherwood
Public Information Officer
Sonoma County Water Agency
Phone:  707-547-1927
Cell:  707-322-8192
Fax:  707-528-2080

Hi Brad:

I need to get more info for our upcoming RRWPC Board meeting about your
community meeting on May 28th.

Can you tell me who else will be on the panel, or at least who you
invited and what the agenda will be?   I’d appreciate it if you could send me a
copy of the agenda.  I’d also like to know about any hand outs you are

Finally, can you tell me about what publicity is planned?