Australia Drought Portends Future for Russian River?

At the SWRCB meeting 5/6 hearing the protest by the Contractors about the proposed RR flow cutbacks, Vicky Whitney (staff in charge of water rights) presented a graph of historic droughts (423 years) in the Russian River watershed, from the Univ. of Arizona, showing length of historic drought events based on Blue Oak tree rings, and the necessity now of planning for longer term drought periods.

Sip your juleps this weekend, but don’t waste the water. There is no more coming for a long time.

David wrote:


Thanks for this link.

The tree rings indicate it’s happened here before … and, presumably, could happen again.


Very interesting article in the April National Geographic Magazine.  A little scary.  Sounds like they are describing the Russian River Basin 10 to 20 years from now… no more water and the dreadful consequences.

Jim Doerksen