NMFS Solutions Meeting on Frost Protection


Just sending a reminder regarding the frost task force meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 13th at 9:30 in Room 215 at the Santa Rosa Federal Building located at 777 Sonoma Ave, Santa Rosa.  

The agenda for the meeting is as follows;

-NMFS criteria for effective solutions relating to frost protection- David Hines/Sarah Spilseth
-Upper Russian River Working group update on progress- Sean White
-Progress/future plans of Permitting Subgroup- feedback from group on General Permits Draft /tributary permit template
-Progress/future plans of Stream Flow Monitoring Subgroup- draft of monitoring plan-planning map draft
-Progress/future plans of BMPs Subgroup-  input from growers/dollar value from growers on BMPs

I will see you all on Thursday, August 13th at 0930. 

Thank you

Derek Roy