Welcome to The Million Boat Float

The word is out. Certain legislators in Sacramento are determined by any means to destroy the Delta by moving legislation ahead to construct a water conveyance system comparable to the Panama Canal circumventing the fresh water flows into the Delta which will surely nail the coffin closed for the greatest estuary in the western hemisphere. The corruption MUST stop. They have refused Delta stakeholders a voice in the process. That includes our elected officials It’s time to wake up the Governor and the Nation and expose this great tragedy! It’s time for the people to speak and have their voices heard. The drilling in search of the best place to start the canal just below Sacramento is about to get underway.

Therefore plans are in the works to bring the people together to speak with one voice and demonstrate to our lawmakers that we will not sit idly by and let this destruction take place. We are planning a massive flotilla up the Sacramento river to the Capitol to let the Governor and the Legislators know they must stop. Sponsored by the Sportsmen Yacht Club of Antioch.

The Main Event – Rally on the River August 16th – Details to come Swarm the Capitol – August 17th – Hook up your wagon’s & circle the Rotunda then Rally on the steps – Details to follow.

This is how much water this canal could divert:
There are 7.5 gallons of water in a cubic foot…So… 15,000 cfs = 7.5 X 15,000 = 112,500 gallons per second X 60 = 6,750,000 gallons per minute divided by 325,851.43 (number of gallons in an acre foot) = almost 21 acre feet per minute which is 1260 Acre feet per hour or 30,240 acre feet per day. Think what that would do to the Delta.

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