10 Strategic Goals Toward Reliable Water Supplies and Habitat Recovery

  1. Implement ecologically sustainable and cost effective water supply efficiency targets that reduce demand or increase supply.
  2. Reduce exports from the SF Bay Delta, minimize reverse flows in the Delta, and increase Delta outflow.
  3. Restore instream flows, volumes and patterns for aquatic ecosystems.
  4. Provide fish passage above and below dams for all at-risk salmonid species.
  5. Retain cold water for fish in reservoirs for later downstream release.
  6. Integrate floodplains with rivers and streams.
  7. Eliminate State and Federal water deliveries to irrigate drainage-impaired lands in the western San Joaquin Valley.
  8. Restore surface and groundwater quality.
  9. Maximize regional water self-sufficiency to include water for the environment.
  10. Fund sustainable environmental agencies, watershed restoration and science with end-user fees.

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