Report on SR’s Legal Action Against SCWA Over Water

Correction: rate-payer money fighting rate-payer money.


There’s something very wrong about tax-payer money fighting tax-payer money.


In Judge Tansil’s courtroom this afternoon, SR’s complaint to compel a temporary restraining order against SCWA’s Board of Directors to keep them from hearing and acting on their agenda items Tuesday morning was denied.

Judge Tansil found that there was no compelling reason to prevent SCWA BoD from acting, and that no harm had been done to the complainants at this point. SR’s outside counsel promised that they’d return next Monday to file again, with claims that permanent significant harm will be done, by SCWA’s adoption of new water strategies, and abandonment of the WSTRP, its EIR, and any applications for new water rights in front of SWRCB.

I don’t know what SR is thinking, but it isn’t good. SR filed a huge stack of paperwork, looking like some 1000 pages, from their attorneys, with statements from Miles Ferris and Mayor Susan Gorin. SR claims that it has depended on the promises of more water for the past 15 years, and can’t do without it now. SR was joined by NMWD and Valley of the Moon WD in the failed complaint. More to come.