Action to Take for Climate Change

Dear Friends,

This Saturday October 24th is’s International Day of Climate Action.

Here’s an easy action to take, that in my mind is the best thing anyone can do to stop global warming.

California has convened an Economic and Allocations Advisory Committee (EAAC) to write a report on how to allocate GHG emissions permits under the state’s AB32 cap.  The EAAC website is  Billions of dollars are at stake.  Will it go to utilities, government, or people?  Let them know what you think.  Here’s how.

Copy the following text and send it in an email to: (and bcc to

For the Public Record

Dear EAAC,

I support the State’s investments into renewable energy and low-emissions vehicles.  Such investments should continue through the regular legislative process.  We need to reduce greenhouse gases fairly, and return profits back to people if prices go up.  The majority of emissions value should be returned directly back to us, the people of California.  Do not make our money disappear into the black hole of deficit reduction. Do not give free allocations to utilities on our behalf.  Do not give tax cuts to corporations that are lobbying against climate protection through their Chambers of Commerce, or to their millionaire shareholders who may live outside the state.  Recycling the revenues back to us will help the people of California buy solar panels, hybrid cars, pay for increased energy bills, and do our part to stimulate the economy and reduce our state’s carbon footprint.  California can lead the world with a system based on democratic principles: One person – One share.  If we do it right, our AB32 law can influence the pending bill in Congress and the international climate talks in Copenhagen.  Thank you.