Roadkill Observation System

The California Roadkill Observation System
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 12:25:47 -0700
From: “Shilling, Fraser” <>

Friends and Colleagues:

UC Davis’ Road Ecology Center and Information Center for the
Environment invite you to join our cadre of Roadkill Reporters on the
California Roadkill Observation System, at:
Using this web site, you can report roadkills you observe anywhere in
the state, helping all of us to understand the causes of roadkill and
how we can reduce the conflict between animals and vehicles. Roadkill
is a major cause of mortality for many animals in California, but
designing appropriate management responses takes political support,
money, and knowledge of where and how to act. Roadkill data are an
important part of that equation and we invite you, our expert
colleagues, to join us in collecting these data on a public site.

So, <>sign up, create an account,
print or download a reporting form, log your observations, and help
reduce the thousands of deaths of wildlife on our highways every
year. If you are very interested in this, please collaborate with us
in improving the site and our research. Also, please consider passing
this along to others who might want to join in through your contact
lists or newsletters.

Thanks from the developers,

Fraser Shilling, Dave Waetjen, & Jim Quinn UC Davis Road Ecology