Online survey at Petaluma

Online survey at Petaluma <>…

This is a new survey by the Argus about the so-called “revised” Dutra 
Asphalt factory at Shollenberger Park and the River.
It’s no doubt intended for print next week, if not tomorrow.
*Click on the link and vote!!! NOW!*
Tell your friends and neighbors too!
Dutra will try to make it look like all of Petaluma likes their ‘new’ 
plant – unless we speak up.

Even if they reduce their hot asphalt silos to 62′ height, promise to 
not crush old asphalt rubble on site, and have a slightly smaller daily 
production capacity, this is still a toxic, polluting, noisy, dusty and 
obnoxious factory right at Petaluma and Sonoma County’s Gateway, right 
across the River from the Shollenberger trails, homes and offices, birds 
and wildlife, and regularly blocking boats on the river with a barge 
that gets moored across half of the river’s width! Oh yes, in case you 
should miss it, it will be brightly lit up at night too. This factory 
in this location will make people sick, and will cause Petaluma to lose 
millions of dollars every year in tourism and visitors, as well as to 
lose new and existing tenants and owners of businesses and homes who 
located on the edge of the park because it’s such a great place.

*Also, PLEASE write to the Supervisors, and tell them that even if the 
asphalt silos are reduced to 62′, and they’ve promised to eliminate 
on-site crushing of old asphalt rubble, the Dutra Haystack Landing 
Asphalt Factory is still the wrong plant in the wrong place. The last 
public hearing for this is next Tuesday, 12/8, at 1.45pm
for the Supervisors’ contact information and way way more, please go to: and*

Thank you
David Keller
Petaluma River Council
Petaluma, CA 94952