California Water Boondoggle

If you have been wondering why government can’t seem to get anything right, consider this:
Not only is the government manipulated by special interest influence, it also caters outright to special interests.  Pandering politicians continuously and repeatedly create government boondoggles — a series of reinvented mini-ENRONs — plagueing us and our wallets, over and over again.
Case in Point – California’s Water “Solutions.” We all understand there is a problem with water in California.  How do the politicians go about solving this problem?
Water Transfer Facilitation Act ( Westlands Water Project) SB – 1759 sponsored by Dianne Fienstein and Barbara Boxer.
What would this bill do?  For years Central Valley farmers (mostly large agribusiness) has been getting cheap publicly subsidized water. Aside from the money issue, there have been severe negative consequences from this water use including damage to the Bay Delta system ecosystem and fishery loss, polluted ground and surface water in areas of the Central Valley, and soil loss from pollution. SB 1759 proposes more taxpayer money to help build a peripheral canal and subsidize the shipment of up to an additional 300,000 acre feet (98,100,000,000 gallons) of water for use by industrial agriculture and possibly to some southern California Cities.
Aside from the cost of this project to subsidize agribusiness on marginal soils, this bill would support continued and additional damage to the Bay Delta system by eliminating protections put in place by legislation (the Central Valley Improvement Act) and poisons ground water, surface water, and soils in the region. Some of this water may be resold (without reimbursing this publicly financed project).
Proposed State Water Bond
Closely linked to The Westlands Water Project (SB-1759) is the Water Bond solution proposed by our Governor and some California Legislators.
The Water Bond proposes taking on huge debt to build a peripheral canal and some dams (linked to SB 1759) that would supply publicly subsidized water to wealthy agribusiness – with some water going to Southern California cities.
Aside from the astronomical debt (financed at very high interest rates due to poor California Bond ratings),  the Water Bond would continue to enrich a few while devastating the Bay Delta system and other Central Valley ground and surface water resources.
And, in fact, provisions in the Water Bond may allow for future privatization of our water – where we get to buy back the water resource that we paid to develop.
What are you going to do?
Write your Senators and tell them what you think about SB 1759
Vote “NO” on the Water Bond
Alan Levine,
Coast Action Group