More Wells Sinking the Central Valley

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The consolidation caused by the repeated pumping action of ASR’s (AKA “ground water banking”) causes permanent compression of the formation also. This is the biggest crime of all because the ground water storage capacity is reduced forever. It never comes back.


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The attached jpg file shows the situation in the Central Valley as of 1977–the subsidence at this site was about 36 feet over the time span indicated. It’s worse now.

The man in the photo is Joe Poland, who studied Central Valley groundwater for USGS.


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“We don’t need any more straws going down there ’cause we’re already doing a pretty good job of sucking it dry,” says farmer Dan Errotabere, who has dug three wells as deep as 1,200 feet to irrigate his tomatoes, almonds, and garlic in recent years. “We’re using this water as a last resort, but pretty soon we’re going to need a policy to protect ourselves from ourselves.”

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