Watersheds, Groundwater, and Drinking Water: A Practical Guide

FYI…From the perspective of ‘life-long-learning’ this new book looks
interesting, especially for those of us directly working on such related

I have ordered it, but not yet had it in hand…

Completion and publication of a layperson’s guide to watershed
hydrology and groundwater hydrology.

The book, entitled “Watersheds, Groundwater, and Drinking Water: A Practical
Guide” is geared towards a relatively broad audience with a varied interest
in water and groundwater.

The book will be useful for folks participating in watershed and groundwater
interest groups; for stakeholder groups in industry, agriculture,
environmental organizations, and NGOs; and for water district, irrigation
district, and water utilities personnel without formal college-level
background in hydrology.

It is also useful as a reference in an introductory undergraduate class.

The full-color book is available through UC ANR Communications at

The book can previewed through Google Books at

The Endowment supported the production of the book with a
contribution of $10,000, which enabled us to print the softcover book
in full color, while keeping the sales prices extremely affordable

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