Factory Fish Farms Don’t Belong in the Ocean!

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Factory Fish Farms Don’t Belong in the Ocean!

Sign the petition to Stop Factory Fish Farms from being introduced in U.S. Federal Waters!

If you had the opportunity to personally stop a factory farm from being built in your backyard, would you take it? I know I would.  We actually have the opportunity to stop factory fish farms from being built in the ocean.  They don’t exist in federal waters right now, but there’s a bill in Congress that would open up our federal oceans to factory fish farms. Can you join me in taking action to stop factory fish farms in our oceans?

We know that factory farms on land are bad for our health, our communities and the environment. Similar to land-based factory farms, ocean factory fish farms are floating sea cages crammed with fish who are often fed unnatural diets and treated with antibiotics and other drugs.  Worst of all, just like factory farms on land, these create a lot of waste, only the waste from factory fish farms goes directly into the ocean.

Just as multinational corporations have forever changed the way food is grown on land–to the detriment of public health, the environment, local communities and food quality itself–they are now poised to do the same at sea.  We have an important opportunity to take a stand and say we don’t want this failed model in our oceans.  We’re collecting petition signatures to deliver to the decision makers who are pushing this terrible idea.

Sign the petition to stop factory fish farms in U.S. oceans.

Thanks for taking action,

Sarah Alexander, Outreach Director
Food & Water Watch