Forestlands Draft Waiver of WDRs

At the Public Workshop on March 25, 2010, we will discuss a draft order that would waive waste discharge requirements for nonpoint source discharges related to certain Federal land management activities on United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service (USFS) lands in the North Coast Region contained an incorrect link to the draft Order and attachments.

The correct link to the Public Notice and a copy of the draft Waiver of WDRs, and attachments is (the item is approximately half way down the page under the heading Public Workshop.).  A copy of the Notice and Draft Order with attachments are also attached to this email announcement.

The March 25, 2010 Regional Board meeting will be held at the Eureka Public Marina, #1 Marina Way, Eureka.  The meeting is scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m.  After the workshop, there will also be another release of the waiver in April that will establish a full 30-day review period.