Russian River/Mark West Creek Workshop Sunday, April 25

Restore North Coast Stream Flow Campaign

Russian River/Mark West Creek Workshop

Date: Sunday April 25, 2010-RSVP to (put the appropriate name in here for your PR)

Time: 10:00 A.M. -3:00 P.M.

Location: Alpine Hall, 5380 St. Helena Rd. Santa Rosa, Ca. or

I.    Welcome and Introduction-Watershed tour of Mark West Creek tributary to the Russian River.
Save Mark West Creek-Steven Krimel and Jim Doerksen-Welcome and Russian
River watershed tour with a  focus on Mark West Creek.

II.    North Coast Stream Flow Project: Forging a Public Trust Movement to Get Water Back in North Coast Streams and How You Can Help
Chris Malan, ICARE (10:30-11:00)

III.    Russian River Salmon and Steelhead: Public Trust Resources Past, Present and Future
Patrick Higgins, Fisheries Biologist (11:00-11:45)

Lunch will be provided-11:45-12:35

IV.    Public policy, Public Trust Doctrine, Citizen involvement in their watersheds; grape growing, and politics of the north coast -David Keller-Sonoma County Environmentalist of the year 2009 and Eel River Activist, Friend of the Eel River-12:35-1:00

V.        Volunteer Monitoring and How We Can Collect Data to Solve Problems
Dave Hope, Watershed and Water Quality Scientist (1:00-1:30)

Breakout Groups 1:30-2:30 PM

Coordinated Volunteer Monitoring: How You Can Help Provide Pieces of the Puzzle and Help Save Our Rivers – Pat Higgins and David Hope

Learn how to file a water right protest: Your stream is drying up! What can you do about it? File a water right protest with the State Water Resource Control Board-Chris Malan

VI.  Workshop presenters take questions from the public: 2:30-3:00