Controversy Over State Senator Thompson and Saving Salmon

To All,
Below is a letter of Sate Senator Mike Thompson:
Dear Mike,
We do appreciate efforts that you have made finding money for salmon restoration projects.
However!  Salmon can not survive without water.  Your interference with process in the State of California (AB 2121) and with NMFS attempts to secure flows in Northern California Stream is a major impediment to salmon recovery in our coastal streams.
Do you realize that:  Many of the grape growers are taking water, with out benefit of permit, from streams during low flow periods. This interruption of stream flows and salmon habitat is a major obtacle to recovery.
Thus, the restoration funds you have secured will accomplish nothing – until flows are restored.  We assume that you support necessary actions needed to recovery actions and would not support money wasted on restoration that is doomed not to work – unless necessary laws are enforeced.
Do you really support this unauthorized use of water?  Is this not equivalent to stealing public resources?
Please re-think your position on this and give NMFS support to enforce laws necessary to recover salmon.
At 09:23 AM 4/18/2010, Kier Associates wrote: