Support Senate Bill 565 on Water Diversions

Please call Assemblymembers Wes Chesbro and Noreen Evans and ask them to support Senate Bill 565 by Senator Fran Pavley on the Assembly floor this week.

SB 565 would:• Provide the State Water Resources Control Board with adequate authority to investigate and stop unlawful diversions of water;
• Modernize the penalties for unlawful use and illegal diversion of water, which have not been significantly updated in nearly 20 years;
We hear that Chesbro and Evans may not support the bill because of opposition by the Wine Institute and others. They need to know that illegal diversions of water are harming the fish and other wildlife on the North Coast.
Illegally diverting water is theft and harms not only the environment but the legal holders of water rights.
Please call Assemblymember Chesbro at (916) 319 – 2001. Please call Assemblymember Evans at (916) 319 – 2007.
Attached is more information about the bill.  Please forward this to others and ask them to contact Evans and Chesbro and urge them to support SB 565.
Feel free to contact me for more information.
Jim Metropulos Sierra Club California