Wholly H2o’s September Forum

You are invited to join us at Wholly H2o’s September Forum “Establishing Water Use Baselines and Balances: Auditing and Benchmarking Across Sectors”

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure” is a business adage well-suited to the issue of water use. The lack of water use and reuse data deters water-saving strategies as well as developing the most appropriate policies and Best Management Practices. Benchmarking and water audits are measurement tools that can help residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural facility owners and managers learn where water is being wasted and which efficiency improvements will be most cost-effective. They are also vital tools for establishing much needed water use data. Join this expert panel discussion to unearth the dos and don’ts, the barriers, and usefulness of water measurement.

Speakers (See Individual Bios Below):

Craig Criddle, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Senior Fellow in the Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University

David Isaacson, Business Development Coordinator, Waterwise Consulting

David Masuda, Engineer, Nalco

John Rosenblum, Principal, Rosenblum Environmental Engineering

Meeting Details:

Date: Monday, September 13th

Time: 7-9pm

Venue: Jellyfish Gallery, 1286 Folsom (at Ninth St.) San Francisco, CA 94103 (corner of 9th and Folsom, Civic Center Bart)

Cost: $10 suggested donation (No one turned away for lack of funds)

Speaker Bios:

Craig Criddle, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Senior Fellow in the Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University

Craig Criddle is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Senior Fellow in the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University. His focus is environmental biotechnology. He completed his Ph.D. at Stanford, worked for 9 years as a faculty member at Michigan State University then returned to Stanford, where he’s been a faculty member for 12 years. He is best known for his research in interdisciplinary field projects, microbial ecology of bioreactors, transformations of contaminants, and co-authorship of The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry with San Francisco cartoonist Larry Gonick. Current projects involve uranium remediation, energy production from waste ammonia, converting biogas into bioplastic, and resource recovery across scale.

David Isaacsan, Business Development Manager, Waterwise Consulting

David Isaacson is a business development coordinator for WaterWise Consulting, Inc. <https://www.whollyh2o.org/administrator/components/com_civicrm/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=53&qid=18114> WaterWise is a small firm specializing in water conservation and water efficiency services, serving water utilities and private businesses throughout California and beyond. Water audits of commercial facilities are one of the company’s specialties, and they currently have a contract with the Municipal Water District of Orange County, in California, to conduct such audits under that agency’s Water Smart Hotel Program. Over the past five years David has also served as programs director in WaterWise’s Northern California office, as program manager for several other water conservation programs, and as both a field auditor and supervisor for commercial and residential water use surveys, including many hotels and restaurants. David can be reached at disaacson@waterwise-consulting.com.

David Masuda, Engineer, NALCO

David Masuda has been working in the Water Industry for 5 years as a Nalco employee. He graduated from Santa Clara University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Since then, his focus has been in the Microelectronics and Manufacturing Industries and has been related to water treatment , process application and resource optimization.

David has had the opportunity to work with customers to reduce their water usage as well as integrate primary and secondary waste streams as sources of water recycling. By working on both the design as well as the implementation side of the projects, David is well versed in taking water optimization programs from conception to completion.

John Rosenblum, Ph.D., Principal, Rosenblum Environmental Engineering

Dr. John Rosenblum has been an industrial water and energy efficiency consultant for 20 years. John’s Ph.D. thesis and 24-year working experience have focused on energy efficiency related to water use and wastewater treatment. In the public sector, he has evaluated energy efficiency improvements for many municipal water and wastewater agencies and facilities. In industry, John has focused on reducing water use to avoid the capital cost of wastewater treatment upgrades, and on reducing refrigeration loads to avoid increasing capital and electricity costs. Beyond energy efficiency for individual processes and equipment, John has evaluated the regional impacts of water efficiency measures on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

John has a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and a M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the Technion in Israel, and a Ph.D. is from Stanford University’s department of Civil Engineering.