Canyon Rock Quarry and Forestville Citizens Settlement

Settlement of dispute between Canyon Rock Quarry and Forestville Citizens for Sensible Growth
I am pleased to let you know that the dispute between Forestville Citizens for Sensible Growth and Canyon Rock Quarry has been settled.  Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Canyon Rock has agreed to the following:
Eliminate back-up whistles to extent permitted by law and replace with smart warning devices Saturday crushing and screening operations will be limited to between 8 am and 3 pm; no crushing or screening operations on Sundays
Green Valley Creek Protection
Set back mining 300 feet from Green Valley Creek; will not expand any operations to within 300 feet of Green Valley Creek; the goal of the agreement is that all current activities will be removed from within 300 feet of Green Valley Creek over next 10 years Prioritize water use to use: recycled water first; then water district water; lastly well water
Encourage quarry trucks to comply with clean fuel standards, including engine upgrades Recommend that quarry trucks not drive by Forestville School when children are likely outside – 8-9 AM and 3-4 PM Encourage truckers not to use Martinelli Road except for local deliveries
Move quarry equipment away from Highway 116 and Green Valley Creek as practical Close exit at current site within 18 months, leaving it as entrance only, and screen it so that stockpiles and equipment are not visible from Highway 116; new exit will be moved 700 feet west on Highway 116 Remove ready-mix concrete plant from near entrance to back of quarry operation
Land Use
Re-zoning of property to mining status shall be rescinded, except for area specifically covered by new current use permit New current use permit will expire in 20 years Will advise FCSG and FPA when mining begins in area covered by new current use permit Will not initiate asphalt production without full EIR and we reserve right to oppose that application
Will pay $16,000 a year to Forestville Planning Association to be disbursed for projects related to restoration of Green Valley Creek, and community improvements, including Youth Park, all as recommended by committee of one FPA, one FCSG one Canyon Rock.
Will pay FCSG legal fees of $213,229. The entire agreement is attached.
In light of all circumstances, the 12 years of litigation, and the realities of the legal landscape, I believe it represents the best outcome for all concerned.  I am hopeful it will serve as an example of our ability as a community to act constructively even with respect to projects we find objectionable, and of the ability of Canyon Rock management to respond constructively to the needs and sensitivities of the community and the environment.
I thank you for your commitment to our community and its future.