Spraying Permit Affecting Water on USFS Lands

Hi All,

As I read the active ingredients in the spray,  where only the active ingredients and not the inert are noted, two spring up: malathion and glyphosate are deadly carcinogens. Do we know the area they are spraying as one document mentions for cotton which we don’t have here. Glyphosate has recently been in the news beyond the fact that Monsanto produces it, as scientists in Argentina have found all kinds of disease, malformations and birth defects from its use.

See: http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=46516 There are many more articles but this is peer reviewed info.

If they are spraying in our area, we need to mobilize and get some stance letters out.  A. G. Kawamura, California secretary of agriculture, was directly tied to the chemical company that makes these pesticides when they wanted to continue spraying the Santa Cruz area a year or so ago.  It was stopped by the citizens.

Do we want to take a stance here?

Thanks, Janus


This is an important draft permit that will authorize pesticide and herbicide spraying in the north coast to on USFS lands. I asked the SB to not provide this coverage to the USFS to no avail. Your turn to see if you can change their minds. Over 50% of the north coast region is USFS land.

Notice Permit