New Winery Permit Info Near Raford House, Forestville

Wed. 12/15/10
Season’s Greetings,
Hope all are well and enjoying this festive season. Many of you already know that there were no surprises on Dec. 9th, and that the new date was set for:
Thursday January 13th, 1:05pm at PRMD.
Some new developments include:
– Extensive boring, sampling, and testing followed by a 61 page geology study by the Derbes that concludes that their project, in the location right behind us, is feasible with extensive, expensive site work.  They will not consider moving the operation, evidently regardless of the cost.
– A review of the above study by our Geologist concluding that there remain unresolved issues, according to the “Statewide Standards of Geologic Practice” required by the Geologist Registration Act of 1968, especially regarding possible slide danger and ground rupture.
– A rebuttal and dismissal of our wonderful and thoughtful sound report as “erroneous”. They retain their original position, including that a sound wall is unnecessary. The 3-4′ “wall” they are offering is supposed to be proof that they are considerate. Yet, they further insist that 7am-7pm operating hours, little more than 100′ from our sleeping and relaxing guests, are their reasonable legal right.
– Our sound expert is currently preparing a response to the above rebuttal.
– An extensive dismissal, by them, as inappropriate, invalid, and unjust, of practically all our concerns and suggestions expressed so eloquently in your letters, comments, and thoughts.
– Comments by them that we discovered in a recent letter addressed to the Board members that the Derbes have learned that Rita and I are “violently opposed” to them, that they have been living in fear for their personal safety from “violent activism” and “near constant activist pressure” they have encountered ever since they legally removed the trees to put in their legal vineyard. They went on to warn the Board of the possibility of these “activists” being at the hearing. Also included in this letter was a reference to our attitude and behavior as “sour grapes” and “vindictive”.
– A conscious decision must be made right now by all of us to maintain our integrity, regardless of the situation or outcome, and not descend into the realm of such personal attacks or “dirty pool”. Deep Breath. . . .
Even after the powerful show of support from all of you and others, they have made no attempt to settle in private. They are unwilling to understand why we are resisting their plans. Any “considerations” they’ve made to date have been mandated by the County, or have been made strictly on their terms.
Sadly, we remain convinced that these plans and the accompanying attitude remain a clear and present threat to our historic home, livelihood, security, and community.
Please take a moment to mark your calendar to join us at the hearing. Please confirm with us. We simply can’t do this without you.
Thanks so much,