Wild Salmon & Steelhead News and Actions

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Here is the latest edition of Wild Salmon & Steelhead News which includes the latest actions to save salmonids in our rivers and streams.


Wild Salmon & Steelhead News In the February 2011 issue:

Pink Slip Icon1. House passes all anti-salmon provisions >
Dear Senate: Don’t let Pacific salmon and jobs get the pink slip.Take action today.

Last week we reached out to you regarding several dangerous provisions in the key congressional funding bill – the Continuing Resolution, HR 1.  We received a huge response – thank you for your efforts.

We need your quick help again.

2. Politics trumping science, more jobs at risk >

Paul VanDevelder’s very enlightening oped in the Oregonian, a radio story with Steve Hawley, Letters to the Editor, and some thoughts from our own Nicole Cordan.

The reckoning: A looming decision on endangered salmon will set the stage for momentous battles over the future

This important piece from Paul VanDevelder highlights the work of Obama administration officials and key Members of Congress – Commerce Secretary Gary Locke (former Governor of Washington State), Lorri Bodi, Senior Policy Advisor on Fish & Wildlife for the Bonneville Power Administration, and the offices of Washington Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell among them – to subvert salmon science and restrict the dialogue with the people whose very livelihoods depend on salmon.

Read VanDevelder’s piece and more.

3. Next steps for Obama’s salmon plan in court >
Judge ReddenSalmon community braces for a decision, hopes for real change.

As mentioned in Paul VanDevelder’s essay, communities in the Pacific Northwest and across the nation are awaiting a key ruling from federal Judge James Redden on the Obama administration’s salmon and steelhead plan for the Columbia and Snake Rivers.  Though Redden has yet to set up a timetable for the next steps, oral arguments will likely begin sometime in March or early April.

For those of you just tuning in, we have arrived at a critical juncture.

Read more on next steps on court.