Chinook and Sonoma County Water Agency

When will the SCWA be updating this page on their website with the 2009 and 2010 Chinook count figures?

The PD and other newspapers around the state seems to think every thing is just swell with our Chinook populations.
Tis it so in the Russian?

This has not been a banner year for Steelhead at the hatchery at Lake Sonoma.  Here are the numbers:
1,458 Steelhead, 44 Chinook and 8 Coho.  (The Chinook and Coho were lost and blamed it on their new GPS unit.)

At least 50 spawning pairs, or 100 fish are needed to sustain a salmonid population in one tributary.

The Russian is over 100 miles long and has over 100 tributaries that should be supporting salmonid spawning and rearing.