Letter to Supervisor Carrillo on Hobbs’ Clearcuts

Dear Mr Carrillo,
As a 40 year resident, landowner and voter in Sonoma County I am deeply disturbed at the recent destruction of trees by Mr Paul Hobbs and his associates in the Highway 116 corridor. His actions show that he has little respect for the well-being of our landscape and water supply, the opinions of the local community, nor the democratic process and the regulations of this County.
I am also concerned that the administration of Sonoma County appears to have evolved into a support structure for the unrestrained development of vineyards, instead of a balanced and deliberate stewardship dedicated to managing our precious resources for the good of us all. How can we as a rational community allow the conversion of a large tract of forested lan! d for the purpose of a ridgetop vineyard in an area that is world renowned for its natural beauty, and even more important, an area that is experiencing serious challenges to its water supply.
I request that you investigate the legality of Mr Hobbes’ recent and ongoing actions in devastating our environment for his own purposes. It is time to take seriously Highway 116’s Scenic Corridor designation and the provisions of the Sonoma County General Plan. The General Plan and County ordinances protecting trees and other natural resources are surely not just marks on paper, but well-thought out intentions of a long democratic process that have the weight of justice behind them.