A List of Resources on Water and Fish

Attached is the file of newsclips, announcements, releases and other information, gathered from last weekend and Monday, for e-filing and future reference.  Attached as well is a pdf of the letter sent by fishing groups opposing HR 1837 (also see #8 below). Some items to note in the 30 May include:
1) A Diana Hartel High Country News piece on undamming the Klamath (p.5) and, later, a Phoung Le AP San Francisco Chronicle story on taking out the dams on the Elwha (p.69);
2) A Margaret Bauman Tundra Drums article on the Yukon River and questions about the health of its chinook and chum salmon populations (p.10);
3) A Paul Best Sydney Morning Herald story on tuna and hope for depleted fish populations (p.19);
4) An Inka Milewski St. John’s Telegraph-Herald piece on why salmon farms need to be moved ashore (p.37);
5) A Lyndsey Layton Washington Post report on budget cuts to the FDA’s food safety inspection program (p.42);
6) A Robin McKie The Observer article on ocean acidification (p.46), followed by a report in the Himalayan Times on a recent international meeting in Kathmandu and findings of the need for fisheries to brace for climate changes (p.49), followed by climate pieces from Richard Black BBC News (p.50) and Sahir Kapur The Guardian (p.53);
7) A Craig Welch Seattle Times story on the affects of pollution in Puget Sound on salmon (p.57), followed by a Scott Learn Oregonian report on efforts in the Oregon Legislature to weaken that state’s laws on toxic water pollution (p.60);
8) A Kate Poole NRDC Switchboard posting of the implications of HR 1837 on California water policy (and salmon protection) (p.67);
9) A Felicity Barringer New York Times report on the detection of California groundwater depletion from space (p.76);
10) An Elizabeth Larson Lake County News article on Congressman Mike Thompson’s efforts to protect the Northern California coast from offshore oil drilling (p.82);
11) An Economist story on the mineral and fishery rights of island nations that will be submerged by rising sea level due to climate change (p.87);
12) Food labeling threatened. A Marlys Miller Pork Magazine (that’s right) story on the WTO ruling against the U.S. country-of-origin-labeling (COOL) law (p.95);
13) A press release from Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber’s office on the Commerce Department finding of a disaster for the 2010 salmon fishery (p.97);
14) This file’s recipe is from the San Francisco Chronicle for Morrocan-Style Fish With Harissa & Sweet Peppers (p.98); and
15) Finally, a Peter Fimrite San Francisco Chronicle remembrance of Friends of the Trinity River founder and salmon activist Byron Leydecker (p.99). A memorial for Byron will be held Sunday, 5 June, at the Marin Art & Garden Center in Ross (Marin County, just north of San Francisco).
That’s all for now. Thanks to everyone who contributed material. Enjoy the weekend.
– Zeke