Join Call About Toxic Chemicals that Disrupt Hormones

Please join us on Wednesday, August 24th for a one hour discussion  with environmental biologist Dr. Frances Solomon. Dr. Solomon has more than 25 years of experience in state and local environmental agencies, focusing on the biological impacts of toxic water pollutants, pollution prevention and control, and cleanup of contaminated sites. Join this call to learn more about:

  • Toxic properties of EDCs, human activities that discharge EDCs to water bodies, and exposure pathways for fish and humans
  • Routes of exposure for people living in the Arctic
  • Why young humans and young fish are more vulnerable to the toxic effects of EDCs
  • Impacts of phthalates and perfluorinated   compounds (PFCs) on fish and humans
  • Proposed regulatory reform including the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 and the Safe Cosmetics Act
  • How you can reduce your exposure to EDCs

Email to join this free call and receive the dial-up instructions.