FREE Harvest the Rain Talk in Windsor

FREE Harvest the Rain Talk featuring Nate Downey!
Sponsored by the Town of Windsor

Monday, October 10th, 7pm to 9pm

Windsor Town Council Chambers (Building 400), 9291 Old Redwood Highway
Registrations requested, please register online <> <>

Co-sponsored by Daily Acts and the Town of Windsor, and with an introduction by Brock Dolman from the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center’s WATER Institute (, we’ll hear from Nate Downey, author of the newly published book Harvest the Rain  <> , on Monday, October 10th, 7-9pm at the Windsor Town Council Chambers. Nate will share thoughts and strategies for taking advantage of rain, a precious resource that falls free from the sky.

For millennia, people relied on rainwater harvesting, we all have the power to collect, store, distribute, and reuse just a small percentage of that which falls from the sky.  Fortunately this way of saving the world comes with perks such as increasing your property’s value, lowering your utility bills, or simply creating a comfortable oasis outside your door. Nate Downey shows you the way with his practical book that anyone can use to begin implementing rainwater harvesting designs today.