Last tree standing will not be a tree

County land use agency again is at a loss to stop this high impact activity.  It has taken days to carry this out and no one has stopped these guys.  The message being sent by this in action is  clear–we can do what we want, just try to stop me.  Do we really think this is a minor cut in Sonoma County??

Natural Diversity date base showed endangered plant here prior to clearing, stripping, and stump removal.  CalFire is paralyzed even though the buyer of this property approached Ag Commission and was told that if he bought it for grapes it would need a THP/TCP.  He was apparently in escrow on the property about 3 weeks ago.  So it is being cleared by the the current owner under the claim that it will not be sold for vineyards, as the For Sale sign was advertised.


Below:  The tall tree that will remain when everything else has been ripped from the earth will be a fake tree, actually a transmitting, receiving tower.